Club Championship Show Schedule

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May 172019

The Schedule for the Club’s Championship Show can now be downloaded below:

13 July     CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW – Judge: Joe Ashe
Venue: Steventon Village Hall
Schedule Entry Form

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Breed Health Coordinator Report 2018/19

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May 092019

1.Health survey
Last year it was proposed to do a new health survey this year, a proposed survey is available and hopefully I can put it online with survey monkey too, suggestions welcome!
2.Breed Health and Conservation Plan
This is an initiative from the KC, we are not among the first breeds selected to do this however i am looking at this and have looked at one that had been completed and am starting to collate the info required.
3.I attended the BHC symposium last September the 19th, a very interesting day with talks on canine cancers by Dr Mike Starkey Head of Molecular Oncology Animal Health Trust and common skin problems in the dog by dermatology specialist Dr Rosario Cerundolo. If anyone wants to know more please ask me.
4. Number of puppies born
There were only 19 registered in 2018 compared to 36 in 2017 average of 30 over the last 10 years, do we have a problem? Several bitches have missed and a few litters of single pups. we need to preserve the diversity we have.
5. COI, The figures for 2018 aren’t available from the KC yet.
6. Annual Health Report to the KC for 2018 has been completed online and received by the KC.
7. Breed Watch figures
Only 8 judges report were received by the KC. The cases of incorrect dentition has sadly risen to 5.1% in 2018 from 3.9% in 2017.

Wendy Tobijanski
Breed Health Coordinator

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Open Show 2019 Critique

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May 092019



20TH APRIL 2019



JUDGE: Mrs Lee England (Ashleyheath)

I would like to thank the Officers & Committee for inviting me to Judge at their Open Show. It was a lovely sunny day,and the exhibitors expressed that they would enjoy showing outside, which they did ,although it was lovely to see the Ceskys moving freely on the grass, it did after a while become to hot for exhibitors and dogs and all started to flag towards the later part of the afternoon.

I would like to say what a pleasure it was to see some really lovely up and coming puppies, they were all a delight and so well behaved, I could have taken them all home with me.


1st. Tobijanski`s JANSKI DUGEE. Lovely puppy, well balanced, of good head ,ear carriage correct & scissor bite. Good quality coat, of good body ,well presented, moved with confidence for one so young .BPD & BPIS

2nd.Fewings CITRONEK CECHOVO KVITKO. Nice puppy, good head, correct scissor bite, light grey colour, silky wavy coat, well presented, unsettled just needs time.


1st. Tobijanski`s JANSKI BUGUROVSKI .Well presented, good head, keen eye ,scissor bite,of friendly expression, coat condition excellent, good topline. Walked well.


No Entries


1st.Dukes & Rogers JANSKI THEODORE. Handsome dog of good proportion, nice head and ear set, long neck, good topline & rib. Nicely presented and moved well.

LIMIT DOG (2)1abs

1st. Fewings KOMIDION OSTINATO. Nice outline, good head ,correct ears,nose, good quality coat & condition. Moved well.RBD


1st. Tobijanski`s Ch JANSKI KALLIOPE JONES. Beautiful dog, excellently presented, lovely silky coat in super condition. Well balanced, correct head ,well placed ears, correct topline & tailset. moved with drive & confidence. BD,RBIS

2nd. Taylors JANSKI OSSIE JONES AT POLEDE. Well presented, lovely silky coat, strong head, scissor bite , well muscled, good outline. Walked well.

3rd. Maretts IDEFIX DAYBREAK AT GAYTECKELS. Well presented, strong head, scissor bite, plenty of substance, good quality coat. Moved well.


No Entries


No Entries


1st. Tobijanski`s O`GIRL du CHAMP d`EOLE AT JANSKI. Very compact little bitch, quite confident, nice head, presented well, good coat. Moved with drive. BP,RBPIS

2nd.Samsons OPERA BOHEME des HAUTEURS de la SOLE. Nicely presented ,of good shape, good condition. Moved soundly and with drive

3rd.Pearsons ZVONENKA HAMENTASHEN at WINOSKI. Nice bitch, good furnishing, compact and sound.



1st. Samsons OPERA BOHEME des HAUTEURS de la SOLE.


1st. Samsons SHASGAV MY IMMORTAL. Well presented, lovely bitch, correct head & ears, scissor bite, good topline & tailset, good quality coat, walked with drive.


1st.Fewings KARENSBRAE WARM HUGS FOR KOMIDION.Nice feminine bitch, correct head, good reach of neck and nice topline. Moved well

2nd. Maretts GAYTECKELS BOTTOMS UP. Attractive well presented bitch, of good proportion, well balanced, lovely silky coat. Moved soundly and with drive

3rd. Samsons SHASGAV SOUND OF SILENCE. Correct head & ear, friendly expression, of good shape. Moved with drive.


1st. Fewings KOMIDION PASSIONATA. Lovely feminine bitch, well presented, good head ,&ear set, good reach of neck, topline correct and tailset, well balanced, angulation & movement excellent. BB,BIS


1st. Tobijanski`s Ch JANSKI ULTRA VIOLET.Lovely 8yr old bitch ,very feminine, well balanced, lovely coat, furnishing, good head & ears, correct topline & tailset. Moved with drive.BVB ,BVIS

2nd. Maretts .LASTAREAN GRACE AND FAVOUR FOR GAYTECKELS. Again another nice bitch, 9yrs old.Good head, &ears set, correct topline, Well presented ,of good coat.Walked well.RBVIS






No Entries


No Entries


JH 6-16yrs (1)

1st.Megan Tobijanski


1st .Jenny Tobijanski

2nd. Christine Marett

3rd. Jane Withers

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Secretary Update – 03/01/19

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Jan 032019

Happy New Year to all the Cesky Terrier Club members and potential members.
All members should either have received the latest copy of Ahoj! by email or in the post. If you have not received your copy by Monday January 7th please let me know. Many thanks to Maria for producing Ajoj! and to the members who contributed articles.
May I please remind you that the annual membership fee is now due? If you pay by Direct Debit, you do not need to do anything. For others, there are 3 ways to pay. You can send a cheque to Richard Taylor, Treasurer, whose
address is on the Club’s site, Or you can complete a Direct Debit mandate from your own bank. You can get the club’s bank details by emailing or ringing Richard or myself. Or, thirdly, you may go onto the Cesky Terrier Club site and pay via PayPal.
If you have any difficulties, please let me know and I will try to help.

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Championship Show Special Awards Classes Critique

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Sep 132018

The Cesky Terrier Club


Special Award Classes

I would like to thank the committee for there invitation and hospitality at this very well run show, and a special thank you to my stewards on the day.

Special Junior

1st Ashleyheaths Korna Kash, Young male, clean head good length of neck, correct topline, good spring of rib and strong rear, moved well.

2nd Pajanticks minni me, young feminine bitch with elegant outline, clean head, good topline and rear, nice coat, moved well.

Special Post Graduate

1st Shasgav Nothing Else Matters, Well balanced bitch with correct head and ears, good length of neck running into well laid back shoulder,good topline and loin, covered the ground well.

2nd Komidion Prima Donna of Sametova, clean feminine head, good in shoulder and body, correct topline, strong quarters, moved ok.

Special Open

1st Ashleyheaths Black Thunder Shcm, Masculine male, excellent head and ear carriage, straight front, good length of neck running into well lay back of shoulder, correct topline with strong loin, well muscled quarters with good tailset,nice coat and colour well presented, moved with drive.

2nd Komidion Night Music at Sametova, Correct in head, good neck and shoulder, straight front, well made with strong quarters, good coat and colour, liked her size preferred overall balance of 1st.

David ORourke

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Championship Show 2018 Critique

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Aug 122018

Cesky Terrier Championship Show 4th Augutst 2018

Judge: Ann Kennedy (Moonshe)

I thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this well run show. My overall view of the entry was that grooming has improved. It was alarming to note the number of incorrect mouths. Shoulders, on the whole, were satisfactory but please note that front legs should be straight.

Class 1


1st & BPD & BP

22. Tobijanski’s Burgurovski

Good overall type. Kept top line . Steady mover.

29. Pajanticks Napoleon

Very raw baby. Good mover.

Class 2



4. England’s Ashleyheath Koruna Kash

Classic head. Good reach of neck. Topline good. Just needs to gain confidence.


18.Janski’s Theodore

Litter brother to my puppy winner. Very sound. Hope he stops growing. Needs to grow his coat.

Class 3



Class 4



28. Withers’ Nesta du Champ d’Eole

Liked his overall shape. Typical head. Coat texture good. Lost top line on move.


18. Janski’s Theodore

Class 5



10. Komidion Ostinato

Liked his head and front. Sluggish mover.


21. Janski Promises Jones

Larger than 1 but a sound dog. His coat needs to clear.


19. Janski Ossie Jones at Polede

Well presented. Liked his size. Needs to drop his tail a shade. to complete the picture.

Class 6


1st & BD, DCC, RBIS

7. England & Burrage’sAshleyheath’s Black Thunder ShCM

Ears well set on typical head. Correct bite. Well laid back shoulders. Height, length body proportions. Kept top line on move. Delighted to award him DCC

2nd & RBD

17. Richardson’s & Wilson’s Can. Ch. Alchemy Chalma Figaro Talyot

Worthy champion, presentation excellent. Just preferred the proportions of 1


29. Tobijanski’s Janski Ceskasson Blue Moon

Good overall exhibit but would like a lower tail set and better top line

Class 7



Class 8



30. Pajanticks Minnie Me

Very raw puppy. Happy temperament. Needs to grow on.

Class 9



Class 10



Class 11



6. England & Burrage’s Shasgav Nothin Else Matters by Ashleyheath

Well placed ears. Good head. Well placed shoulders. Steady mover.


13. Marett’s Gayteckels Sister Act

Well placed ears. Would like longer upper arm to complete to shoulder placement.

Class 12



9. Karenbrae Warm Hugs for Komidion

Quality type. Good proportions.


12. Marett’s Gayteckels Bottoms Up

Larger type. Correct front. Would like to see herslimmed down a bit.


1. Komidion Prima Donna of Sametova

Good size. Carried tail high and would like to see better coat texture.

Class 13



26. Janski Seren Nadolig

One from the top drawer. Well balanced head. Good scissor bite. Classic head. Correct angle of shoulders. Good body outline/ Coat texture silky. Just flowed round the ring.

2st RBCC

24. Janski Ultra Violet

Close up to 1. Just preferred overall picture of Seren.


Fr. Ch. Hello Dolly du Champ d’Eole.

Smaller type.Not making the most of herself today.




Vandell Sweet Song of Sametova ShCM

12 year old of lovely type. True mover.


Taylor’s E’French Connection du Champ d’Eole Via Polede

9 years. Correct bite and moved out well.


Marett’s Lastarean Grace and Favour for Gayteckels Pd’H

8 years old. Well presented. Showed well. Steady mover.

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National Terrier 2018 Critique – David Burrage

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May 012018

An enjoyable day and pleasing entry demonstrating excellent quality of well presented healthy dogs, although a lack of muscle condition in some exhibits is a concern. Mouths were generally good, few missing incisors, one with level bite (although it somewhat mystifies me that this is penalised in the UK when Horak clearly states that it is equally acceptable). Temperaments generally good displaying greater self confidence than has been the case in the past. Thank you to all of the exhibitors for their entries.

Class 102


1st & BP

440 Tobijanski’s Alchemy It’s my Party at Janski

Well developed youngster at 11 months with strong head and neck with prominent muzzle. nice dark eyes and good set on of nicely proportioned ears. Bright, alert expression. Moved reasonably well but not entirely at his ease which affected his balance and topline.

Class 103



442 England’s Ashleyheath Koruna Kash

Dark grey 13 month old youngster of relatively light build, typical head, good overall balance. Good ears and reach of neck with good spring of rib. Although movement on the day was a little skittish, the basics are all there to be seen.


444 Withers’ Nesta du Champ d’Eole

Compact 13 month old youngster, quite short in leg, lower to ground than 1. Strong head and moderate neck with prominent brisket well sprung in rib and great front pads. Moved with drive and purpose, good length of stride but preferred the overall balance and topline of 1.

Class 104



430 Lewis’ Janski Philosopher Jones

Pale grey at 22 months with some residual striping, clearing well on upper body and none in the long coat. Longer in head with well placed triangular ears & bright eyes. Strong neck into well laid shoulder. good front quarters and well sprung ribcage. Rear angulation rather upright which affected his purposeful movement.

Class 105



420 Brock’s Talyot Hermes

Well balanced and well proportioned mid grey dog with good expression, A bit smaller in head but good narrow triangle without being too wide in backskull. Bright eyes and well placed medium sized ears. Good straight front with good reach of neck onto well laid shoulders. Moderate but notable rise over loin. Moved reluctantly at first and improved with some encouragement from his young handler but not really at ease in this venue.

Class 106


1st & BD

433 Richardson’s & Wilson’s Can. Ch. Alchemy Chalma Figaro Talyot

Elegantly built six years old dark grey dog of excellent size and proportion. Attractive head with dark eyes, nice bright expression and well placed ears. Good reach of neck running to well laid shoulders on well made straight front with excellent neck around well laid shoulder. presented in fine coat and well handled to good propulsive movement parallel front and rear.

2nd & RBD

421 Burrows’ Pendevour Pierott ShCM

A stoic veteran 8½ year old dark grey dog of good proportion and of similar type to 1 presented in excellent condition and a picture of good health. Excellent overall balance with good typey head and well reaching neck, well laid shoulder and good straight front. Correct rise over loin and true purposeful movement. Preferred the overall elegance of 1.


441 Tobijanski’s Janski Ceskasson Blue Moon

6 year old mid grey dog of larger proportion than previous two. Generally well made with strong head with good dentition. strong neck, good straight front and well laid shoulders providing a good overall balance. Moved with purpose but preferred toplines of 1 &2.

Class 109



434 Samson’s Shasgav Sound of Silence

Elegant 17 month old youngster of good proportions and compact type, closer to standard than many. Pretty head with delightful expression. Well placed ears, first class front, good neck and well laid shoulders. Good topline but with rather high tail set and quite fond of her tail on the move. Her overall movement is good but rather too enthusiastic tending to appear somewhat staccato.

Class 110



435 Samson’s Shasgav My Immortal

Elegant 17 month old youngster, litter sister to winner of previous class. Excellent proportions and very pleasing overall outline. Pretty head and expression with nicely sized and proportioned head with good length of neck and well laid shoulders. Drops nicely behind withers and rises well over the loin . good set on of tail and general carriage. Nice muscular, well angulated rear quarters. Well handled to move confidently with verve and exhilaration. Carrying significant striping on upper body but clear on long coat, hope this clears as she is otherwise a really promising bitch.

Class 111


1st, BB & BoB

424 Fewings’ Komidion Passionato

20 months dark grey bitch of elegant, compact proportion presenting great overall balance and most pleasing outline abundantly typical of the breed. Well proportioned head with bright, pretty expression, good set of triangular ears and elegant reach of neck set on well laid shoulders. excellent straight front, medium length of body with terrific topline and well muscled and nicely angulated rear quarters. Her movement was tuned to that of her handler; when he moved himself a little quicker her movement improved no end, showing propulsion, purpose and enthusiasm. I stayed to watch the group judging where her movement let her down.


443 Williams’ & Jackson’s Euphoriastaff Celeste at Wherrypoint.

Slightly larger than 1 but a nonetheless well proportioned 27 month old mid grey bitch presented in fine coat, perfectly proportioned head over well reaching neck and well laid shoulders. Longer in body than 1. Well muscled, correctly angulated rear quarters. Moved well with measured, parallel and propulsive gait.


426 Harris’ Lastarean Kneza Lenka at Kessima

Mid grey 6 year old bitch of broadly similar type to 2. Well proportioned head with very pretty expression, good set on of nicely sized triangular ears, Moderate reach of neck, correct rise over loin, well coupled and well angulated at rear. Overall a bitch of excellent proportions but unfortunately, not happy on the day and did not show herself to best advantage.

Class 112


1st, RBB

445 Withers’ Fr. Ch. Hello Dolly du Champ d’Eole

Dark grey dark 6 year old bitch of elegant but compact proportions with delightfully mischievous expression. Bright, dark eyed with good set on of medium sized triangular ears. Great reach of neck proportionate to her overall balance and well laid shoulders on straight front, dropping behind withers, well coupled and rising nicely over the loin, Well angulated and muscular hindquarters driving her briskly to her great advantage. I have placed this bitch highly in the past and continue to admire her enormously but eclipsed on the day by the exquisite young bitch awarded best of breed but could be different on another day.


425 Fewings’ Komidion Madrigal

Another smaller proportioned bitch, at almost nine years of age demonstrating the fantastic longevity of the breed. Typical outline for this kennel, she is favoured with a fine, well portioned head, dark, bright eyes and well set and sized ears. First class front, topline and well angulated and muscular rear quarters. Moved with drive and propulsion on the day.

427 Harris’ Kessima Magic Moments


Larger mid grey 2 year old bitch, beautifully presented and well handled. Good head on strong neck and shoulders, Clean topline. Moved with drive and propulsion but would prefer more muscular assembly. Overall rather too much of her for my liking.

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Three Counties 2017 Critique – Michelle Barnett

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Apr 242018

May I congratulate the Cesky terrier breeders and owners for the exhibits you entered under me today.All the exhibits were in superb condition, well muscled, fit and in excellent presentation.With such quality in abundance, I certainly had my work cut out.Making my final decisions a close call and no doubt these results will change place many times.throughout their show careers.

BEST OF BREED : TOBIJANSKI Mrs W Janski Ceskasson Blue Moon
Best Dog :TOBIJANSKI Mrs W Janski Ceskasson Blue Moon
Res Best Dog : TAYLOR Mrs P Janski Ossie Jones At Polede
Best Bitch : SAMSON, Mr & Mrs G & S & SAMSON Ms J Shasgav Sound Of Silence
Res Best Bitch : TOBIJANSKI Mrs W Janski Ultra Violet
Best Puppy : SAMSON, Mr & Mrs G & S & SAMSON Ms J Shasgav Sound Of Silence


JD (1 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: TOBIJANSKI Mrs W Janski Promises Jones Lovely headed 14mth old youngster who was correct for type & balance. Pleased in outline, Correct topline, front & rear angulations.Moved out soundly with a brisk steady action.

PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: TAYLOR Mrs P Janski Ossie Jones At Polede Striking pale grey in super coat & condition who rising 3 years impressed for his correct breed type & head proportions Good eye & correct ear carriage Strong hindquarters with nice rise over the loin and good tail set, sound vigorous stride in profile covering the ring in harmony with his handler RBD

OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: TOBIJANSKI Mrs W Janski Ceskasson Blue Moon Most impressive this 6 yr old handsome male presented a picture of type & balance, Super head of correct proportions, nice eye & ear, strong bite & good dentition. Strength of neck & good lay of shoulder Correct bone, feet & well sprung rib Good rear angulations, enabling powerful accurate ground covering movement he covered the ring with drive style. Pulled out all the stops to secure 1st in a strong class and take BD & BOB 2nd: BURROWS Mr R A & Mrs S Pendevour Pierrot Sh.CM Top quality 8yr old dog, in fabulous coat & condition.Excellent head shape, ear set & scissor bite, Strong but elegant neck set in correct shoulders. Balanced body and correct topline, his movement was true & sound. Although on the day felt he just lacked the purposeful drive of 1st 3rd:SAMSON, Mr & Mrs G & S & SAMSON Ms J Shasgav You’ve Been Framed All three males had much to commend them.

PB (1 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: SAMSON, Mr & Mrs G & S & SAMSON Ms J Shasgav Sound Of Silence All quality & at 8 mths old such a confident & outgoing showgirl who caught my eye straight away. Lovely head feminine with correct ear shape, carriage & expression. Super neck & shoulders, She looked a picture of balance. Standing on good feet & just right for bone. Correct topline and well set, tail. Excellent presentation coat & condition. Owning the ring,& striding out she moved true with style & vigour & her temperament & type ensured my undivided attention Needless to say. I was totally smitten by her & I’m sure she has a very bright future ahead of her I wish her all the best for a successful show career..BB & BPIB



OB (2 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: TOBIJANSKI Mrs W Janski Ultra Violet Lovely feminine, outlook with a beautiful outline both standing & on the move. Has type in abundance with super head proportions correct set ears, carried well, good ribbing & well-angled fore & aft. Good bone and feet.Like the open dog winner her litter brother she too possessed super ground covering movement, but in the challenge just lacked the enthusiasm & verve of the puppy bitch winner. RBB 2nd: TAYLOR Mrs P E’french Connection Du Champ D’eole Via Polede Rising 8-year-old bitch excellent breed type. She has such a lovely head & expression. Correct topline & super muscled hindquarters with a good second thigh. Although sound on the move she gave her handler a hard task getting her to co-operate. My notes say “a real diva” she pressed hard for 1st place.

Michelle Elizabeth Barnett (Brockfox)

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