May 012018

An enjoyable day and pleasing entry demonstrating excellent quality of well presented healthy dogs, although a lack of muscle condition in some exhibits is a concern. Mouths were generally good, few missing incisors, one with level bite (although it somewhat mystifies me that this is penalised in the UK when Horak clearly states that it is equally acceptable). Temperaments generally good displaying greater self confidence than has been the case in the past. Thank you to all of the exhibitors for their entries.

Class 102


1st & BP

440 Tobijanski’s Alchemy It’s my Party at Janski

Well developed youngster at 11 months with strong head and neck with prominent muzzle. nice dark eyes and good set on of nicely proportioned ears. Bright, alert expression. Moved reasonably well but not entirely at his ease which affected his balance and topline.

Class 103



442 England’s Ashleyheath Koruna Kash

Dark grey 13 month old youngster of relatively light build, typical head, good overall balance. Good ears and reach of neck with good spring of rib. Although movement on the day was a little skittish, the basics are all there to be seen.


444 Withers’ Nesta du Champ d’Eole

Compact 13 month old youngster, quite short in leg, lower to ground than 1. Strong head and moderate neck with prominent brisket well sprung in rib and great front pads. Moved with drive and purpose, good length of stride but preferred the overall balance and topline of 1.

Class 104



430 Lewis’ Janski Philosopher Jones

Pale grey at 22 months with some residual striping, clearing well on upper body and none in the long coat. Longer in head with well placed triangular ears & bright eyes. Strong neck into well laid shoulder. good front quarters and well sprung ribcage. Rear angulation rather upright which affected his purposeful movement.

Class 105



420 Brock’s Talyot Hermes

Well balanced and well proportioned mid grey dog with good expression, A bit smaller in head but good narrow triangle without being too wide in backskull. Bright eyes and well placed medium sized ears. Good straight front with good reach of neck onto well laid shoulders. Moderate but notable rise over loin. Moved reluctantly at first and improved with some encouragement from his young handler but not really at ease in this venue.

Class 106


1st & BD

433 Richardson’s & Wilson’s Can. Ch. Alchemy Chalma Figaro Talyot

Elegantly built six years old dark grey dog of excellent size and proportion. Attractive head with dark eyes, nice bright expression and well placed ears. Good reach of neck running to well laid shoulders on well made straight front with excellent neck around well laid shoulder. presented in fine coat and well handled to good propulsive movement parallel front and rear.

2nd & RBD

421 Burrows’ Pendevour Pierott ShCM

A stoic veteran 8½ year old dark grey dog of good proportion and of similar type to 1 presented in excellent condition and a picture of good health. Excellent overall balance with good typey head and well reaching neck, well laid shoulder and good straight front. Correct rise over loin and true purposeful movement. Preferred the overall elegance of 1.


441 Tobijanski’s Janski Ceskasson Blue Moon

6 year old mid grey dog of larger proportion than previous two. Generally well made with strong head with good dentition. strong neck, good straight front and well laid shoulders providing a good overall balance. Moved with purpose but preferred toplines of 1 &2.

Class 109



434 Samson’s Shasgav Sound of Silence

Elegant 17 month old youngster of good proportions and compact type, closer to standard than many. Pretty head with delightful expression. Well placed ears, first class front, good neck and well laid shoulders. Good topline but with rather high tail set and quite fond of her tail on the move. Her overall movement is good but rather too enthusiastic tending to appear somewhat staccato.

Class 110



435 Samson’s Shasgav My Immortal

Elegant 17 month old youngster, litter sister to winner of previous class. Excellent proportions and very pleasing overall outline. Pretty head and expression with nicely sized and proportioned head with good length of neck and well laid shoulders. Drops nicely behind withers and rises well over the loin . good set on of tail and general carriage. Nice muscular, well angulated rear quarters. Well handled to move confidently with verve and exhilaration. Carrying significant striping on upper body but clear on long coat, hope this clears as she is otherwise a really promising bitch.

Class 111


1st, BB & BoB

424 Fewings’ Komidion Passionato

20 months dark grey bitch of elegant, compact proportion presenting great overall balance and most pleasing outline abundantly typical of the breed. Well proportioned head with bright, pretty expression, good set of triangular ears and elegant reach of neck set on well laid shoulders. excellent straight front, medium length of body with terrific topline and well muscled and nicely angulated rear quarters. Her movement was tuned to that of her handler; when he moved himself a little quicker her movement improved no end, showing propulsion, purpose and enthusiasm. I stayed to watch the group judging where her movement let her down.


443 Williams’ & Jackson’s Euphoriastaff Celeste at Wherrypoint.

Slightly larger than 1 but a nonetheless well proportioned 27 month old mid grey bitch presented in fine coat, perfectly proportioned head over well reaching neck and well laid shoulders. Longer in body than 1. Well muscled, correctly angulated rear quarters. Moved well with measured, parallel and propulsive gait.


426 Harris’ Lastarean Kneza Lenka at Kessima

Mid grey 6 year old bitch of broadly similar type to 2. Well proportioned head with very pretty expression, good set on of nicely sized triangular ears, Moderate reach of neck, correct rise over loin, well coupled and well angulated at rear. Overall a bitch of excellent proportions but unfortunately, not happy on the day and did not show herself to best advantage.

Class 112


1st, RBB

445 Withers’ Fr. Ch. Hello Dolly du Champ d’Eole

Dark grey dark 6 year old bitch of elegant but compact proportions with delightfully mischievous expression. Bright, dark eyed with good set on of medium sized triangular ears. Great reach of neck proportionate to her overall balance and well laid shoulders on straight front, dropping behind withers, well coupled and rising nicely over the loin, Well angulated and muscular hindquarters driving her briskly to her great advantage. I have placed this bitch highly in the past and continue to admire her enormously but eclipsed on the day by the exquisite young bitch awarded best of breed but could be different on another day.


425 Fewings’ Komidion Madrigal

Another smaller proportioned bitch, at almost nine years of age demonstrating the fantastic longevity of the breed. Typical outline for this kennel, she is favoured with a fine, well portioned head, dark, bright eyes and well set and sized ears. First class front, topline and well angulated and muscular rear quarters. Moved with drive and propulsion on the day.

427 Harris’ Kessima Magic Moments


Larger mid grey 2 year old bitch, beautifully presented and well handled. Good head on strong neck and shoulders, Clean topline. Moved with drive and propulsion but would prefer more muscular assembly. Overall rather too much of her for my liking.

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