Jul 262019

Special Classes

Judge Mr. Gavin Samson

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge the special classes at the club championship show.

It was a pleasure and a well run show.

Special junior.

1st CITRONEK CECHOVO KVITKO (imp Cz) light grey 8 month old dog. Well proportioned rectangular shape with good topline. Nicely muscled for age. Masculine head without being heavy. Regular scissor bite. Good lengh of skull with nice triangle from above. Good size. Sadly very nervous on the day so movement was difficult to judge.

Special post graduate.

1st JANSKI THEODORE 18 month old dog. Strong looking, good rectangular shape. Stands proud and confident. Regular scissor bite. Masculine head, muscular body, well sprung ribs. Moves soundly with good drive.

2nd TALYOT HERMES shorter in body than 1, nicely built and well muscled, scissor bite, slight rise over the loin. Moved soundly.

Special open.

1st CH ASHLEYHEATH’S BLACK THUNDER ShCM ShCEx Entered the ring full of confidence. Well proportioned, strong looking boy. Masculine head, nice scissor bite. Ears well set. Well defined muscle from head to tail. Well spring ribs, nice topline with rise over loin which he held on the move. Good drive and showmanship.

2nd HELLO DOLLY du CHAMP d’√ČOLE nice feminine bitch, more compact than 1, nice triangle shape to the skull, good angulation and correct topline. Well muscled without being heavy. Moved with drive. Overall well balanced.

3rd KOMIDION NIGHT MUSIC AT SAMETOVA ShCM ShCEx another great bitch. Stood strong and confident. Good scissor bite, head nicely balanced. Well sprung ribs and correct topline. Moved soundly.

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