Give a Dog a Genome


Give a Dog a Genome is a new initiative launched by the Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the Animal Health Trust to create the UK’s largest canine genome bank to help generations of dogs.

This genome bank will improve dog health by radically increasing our understanding of the canine genome. We aim to sequence the entire genomes (all 2.4 billion letters of DNA) of 50 different dog breeds by the end of 2016, but we need your help to do so. Here is a link to the AHT website where a full explanation as to exactly what this project is is explained:

I am delighted to say that Cesky Terriers are going to be one of the 50 breeds, BUT we must donate £1000 to fund the research and The Kennel Club Charitable Trust will match our donation. We have less than 3 months to fundraise this money.

Donations can be sent directly to the Cesky Club treasurer Richard Taylor, via paypal again to the Club.

Various fundraising events are in the planning and we will post updates on here of how the fundraising is going and give details of any events.

Any ideas are welcome and I will endevour to answer any questions you may have.

Update – 24/03/16

We have raised the £1000 for the Cesky Genome project, the AHT have received the cheque and I am waiting for them to get in touch regarding choosing a dog or dogs to sample.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed it was fantastic to see how well the breed pulled together to support this project.
There will be some money left over so suggestions are welcome as to what we should do with it.The Go Fund Me page can be found at We have a Facebook page, Cesky Terrier Genome Project, and Facebook fundraising page, Cesky Terrier Fundraising Auction, where an online auction is up and running with new things added daily so please take a look and if you have anything we could add to the auction please get in touch. A raffle will be started at Crufts and be drawn at the Club show on 10th April first prize being a fabulous Baxter’s and Walker’s Hamper, there will also be a chocolate hamper!

Wendy Tobijanski
Breed Health Coordinator
01691 770930

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