Breed Health Coordinator Report 2016/17


Breed Health Coordinator: Wendy Tobijanski

1/I emailed the AHT for a Cesky Terrier specific update on the Genome Project, this is the response. There is also a general update on a seperate page. i have posted all updates on the clubs FB page as i received them and sent them to the breed note writers, as we dont have a newsletter its impossible to keep everyone informed.

Dear Wendy

Thank you for your email.

We are currently in the process of collating the information from your health form and assessing which condition we should sequence. I’m hopeful that it won’t be too much longer before we come to a decision on that, but I will let you know as soon as we do.

I understand the frustration at the perceived speed with which Give a Dog a Genome is moving, but rest assured we are moving as fast as we possibly can, and the Cesky Terriers are one of quite a few breeds that we have not yet decided on. I realise that my last general update was a while ago now, so will be sending another shortly.

Thank you for your patience.

Best wishes,



2/The Kennel Club have a new online format for the  annual  health report, i completed this and returned it to the KC in September.

3/i have also had the Breed Watch figures given to me, they are on a separate sheet.

4/I have had a few health reports in, all from pet owners and mostly about cause of death. Do we need to do another health survey? perhaps using survey monkey ( a free online survey) as well as paper copies for the not so computer literate.

5/i attended the BHC symposium last September subjects included

VetCompass: Unweaving the rainbow of canine health – Dr Dan O’Neill…  IPFD and – Dr Brenda Bonnett… Give a Dog a Genome – Dr Cathryn Mellersh

if anyone wants to know more on any of the talks please ask me.

6/Coefficiency of Inbreeding

the Kennel Club are updating Mate Select with revised figures for each of the breed averages for the coefficient of inbreeding (COI).

Previously, the breed average calculations were based on all dogs recorded by the Kennel Club during the previous year.  This included imported dogs, dogs that form part of an overseas pedigree but are not necessarily registered with the Kennel Club, dogs born one year and registered the next, and dogs registered late (over a year old).Following feedback from users, the Kennel Club has reviewed and recalculated the COIs on Mate Select to reflect just those dogs born and registered within the UK in a given year. In future, this calculation will be carried out each June and will generate the annual breed average using Kennel Club registered dogs born in the UK between January and December of the previous year. Using this data will provide a more effective means of monitoring yearly change than by using the previously used average of all recorded dogs in each breed. Please note that the difference below does not reflect a change in the breed, but rather a change in the way in which the figure is calculated.

Previous published breed average COI,                          12.4%

based on dogs registered and recorded in 2013

New Annual breed average COI, based                           14.8%

on dogs born in the UK in 2013  Difference                          2.3

7/number of puppies born in 2015 31 and in 2016 30 so no real change.

8/i spoke the KC health team at Crufts and mentioned that when eye test results are put on the dogs records it says ”results with breeder”  i feel that suggests that there is a problem with the results and asked why it cant say something like ”no abnormalities found”. this will be discussed at their next meeting.

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