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Annual Breed Summary

Cesky Terrier

As part of the enhancements to Breed Watch, from January 2014 the Kennel Club has collected health & welfare information from all Judges with appointments for Category 2 & 3 breeds as a mandatory requirement. Following appointments the breed Judge is required to complete the mandatory health monitoring form and return to the Kennel Club. Further information relating to the health monitoring process and health monitoring forms  can be found here.

Attached is the annual Judge’s health monitoring summary for your breed, we have made some changes to give you a fuller picture of the reporting. The information shows what conditions Judges have reported as present in the breed and the percentage of dogs that displayed the condition(s). Also provided is the health score which Judges have given for the entire entry (please refer to the table below for the rating descriptions).

1. Absolutely no concern whatsoever
2. There is a very slight concern
3. There is one feature that distinctly needs watching
4. There are two or three features that need watching
5. There is a general concern about several issues affecting the breed
6. There is a strong concern about many of the issues affecting the breed
7. Action needs to be taken immediately in relation to the issues affecting the breed

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