Genetic Diversity Project


One of the problems concerning any minority breed is to maintain sufficient genetic diversity.

Why does this matter? Simply, it is a matter of health. Research in the fields of genetics, immunology, and veterinary medicine, is turning up more and more information indicating that high levels of inbreeding can have deleterious effects on health. Inbreeding depression, a complex of behavioural and physical reproductive problems, has long been recognized. Inbreeding can also lead to increased incidence of immune-mediated disease and cancer.

A simplistic view is to look for a dog that appears to be an outcross (ie does not contain any similar names on the pedigree when compared to that of the bitch) when considering a mating. This does not necessarily work in a breed such as the Cesky Terrier that already has a very high level of inbreeding, as although the chosen dog may appear to be an outcross, in terms of genetic diversity it may actually be a bad choice.

The Cesky Terrier Club has initiated a project that will record the genetic profile of as many examples of the breed as possible. This is done very simply through a cheek swab, taken by the owner, and processed through the Kennel Club. The profile is then added to the Cesky Terrier database. This database is freely available to any breeder who can use it to compare the genetic make-up of their bitch with that of their preferred stud dog(s). The DNA profile is simply a means of uniquely identifying a particular dog – every dog’s profile is slightly different – rather like a genetic fingerprint.

The Cesky Terrier is a very healthy breed. By maintaining what genetic diversity we have we can continue to keep it healthy.

How can you contribute to the project?

Order a DNA profile kit from the KC website:


When you order the form, write on the bottom line of the page “Please release profile to the Cesky Terrier Club Genetic Diversity Project” – this is most important, as the KC will not release the profile without your permission.

But my dog is just a pet, and I have no intention of breeding. Why should I bother?

In order to have a full picture of the genetic diversity of the breed we need to profile as many dogs as possible. It is important to have as full a record as we can.

Your dog is important to the survey. Please add his/her profile to the database and help the Cesky Terrier.

List of Cesky Terriers DNA Profiled

Duffy du Champ d’Eole avec Polede Abba Melina Bohemica
Grancek Illya Alaska Day Break
Knize Kyle Lastarean Cassencarrie Czechout of Veltrusy
Komidion Mahler Cristyna of Cesky Dreams at Oneva
Lastarean Darebak Gloria Kvitko ShCM
Lastarean Dufek ShCM E’French Connection du Champ d’Eole
Lastarean Putovani Emily Day Break
Nordham Singing the Blues Komidion Jacara ShCM
Oneva Demon Malsville Komidion Vandell Candell Girl
Dk Ch Oneva Eduard Malsville Kralovna Kvitko
Polede Lforluka Lastarean Afera
Ridley Kanec Lastarean Kama
Ridley Mirek Malsville Oneva Dolly at Woodstrode
Ridley Tomas Pendevour Pheelthemusic
Twister Kvitko Komidion Ridley Iza
Vandell Sweet Music Ridley Jitka at Woodstrode
Woodstrode Artus Ridley Milenka
Woodstrode Drak of Kohima Ridley Obroda
Ridley Oslava
Dk Ch Ridley Pamatka ShCM
Rossau Daydream Believer
Rossau Time Will Tell at Kilbarchan
Rylandson Candy Twist
Rylandson Candy Carousel
Talyot Camille avec Sametova ShCM
Vandell Honey Belle
Vandell Sweet Song at Sametova ShCM
Woodstrode Carevna Ridley
Woodstrode Cesmina
Woodstrode Elba of Kohima
Woodstrode Eliska
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