Notable Ceskys



Erb Lovu zdar – First Cesky in the UK


Ben Prasek – Influential stud dog worldwide and known for his talking


Mala del Monte – Seen as one of the foundation bitches in the UK as she was in whelp when imported


Cedro Bohemicus – After the breed was reaching a real low in the 70s, Cedro was bought by Hana Petrusova and she and Mr Horak searched the country for bitches to be mated to him.  He was mated to Abba z Novomlynske, where he produced the Lovu zdar ‘R’, ‘T’ and ‘V’ litters, behind most of todays CTs


Ars Amandi vd Eidertalwiese– One of the foundation dogs in the UK


Chrpa del Monte – The breed standard was based on this bitch


Ridley Bystra of Pendevour – Top Dog between 1994-97


Twister Kvitko Komidion – One of the top males imported from the Czech Republic and was an influential stud dog


Vladyka del Monte – This Cesky is the very rare brown colour, which is not usually seen in the breed

Kennelbourne Wizard of Oz

Kennelbourne Wizard of Oz – Won Runner-up in the prestigious Contest of Champions

Pendevour Dion

Pendevour Dion – First Cesky to win Best in Show at an all breeds open show after coming off the import register in 2000


Komidion Bohemian Bliss (at Vandell) – First Best of Breed at Crufts and also short-listed in the Terrier Group. Photo: Pedigree Masterfoods


Komidion Glinka – First Cesky Puppy to win Puppy Group 1 at Bournemouth Ch. Show 2003


Pajantick Charza at Polede – First Cesky to achieve a group placing at a Ch. Show, winning Group 2 at Scottish Kennel Club (August) and the first to gain the Show Certificate of Merit


Gayteckels Highflyer – Won the Young Kennel Club Terrier Stakes Final held at Crufts 2005


Ridley Javor – First Cesky to achieve the Gold Good Citizen Dog Scheme Award


Lastarean Dufek – First British-bred Cesky to win a CAC in the Czech Republic


Grancek Early One Morning – First British-bred Cesky to become a Czech Champion in their native land

Photo: Hana Petrusova

Janski Celtic Ceska – First Cesky to become a UK Champion since CCs were allocated in 2017

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