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13TH JULY 2019

My thanks to the Secretary Linda and her Committee for a well run and friendly show, the exhibits were of a high standard and a pleasure to judge.

Puppy Dog 2,1abs 1 st Fewings CITRONECK CECHOVO KVITKO 9 month old pup of quality, a promising future in store as he gains more confidence, correct balanced head, well set ears, correct dentition, elegant neck into well laid back shoulder, nice rise over the loin, showed he could move well in patches.

Junior Dog 1,0 1 st Tobijanski JANSKI DUGGEE Stood alone but showed quality throughout, correct length of head, distinct stop, good scissor bite, in good muscle tone, correct fore and rear quarters, kept his outline while on the move, moved at a brisk pace with plenty of drive RDCC

PGD 1,0 1 st Dukes JANSKI THEODORE Good rectangular shape, up to size , masculine with strong bone, good dentition, well sprung rib, muscular hindquarters into well developed hocks, good overall angulation, moved with drive both ways.

Limit Dog 3,0 1 st Tobijanski JANSKI BUGUROVSKI Quality head, correct scissor bite, good size, straight strong forequarters, correct shape and topline, good spring if rib, correct rear angulation, well padded feet, good front movement moved with drive. 2 nd Fewings KOMIDION OSTINATO Another quality dog similar to 1 , slightly smaller, correct ear set, good dentition, enough spring of rib, just preferred the rise and loin of 1. 3 rd Withers NESTA du CHAMP d’E’OLE A lot of good points with this dog, not as masculine as the others, I would like more of him in all department with a little more substance.

Open Dog 2,0 1 st England & Burrage CH ASHLEYHEATHS BLACK THUNDER ShCM Correct breed head, excellent dentition, correct size and shape, well laid back shoulders, good elbows, round well padded feet, correct angulation with plenty of bone and muscle tone, brisk vigorous movement with plenty of drive, parallel movement both ways . Had that quality and ring presence that sealed his win DCC & RBIS. 2 nd Tobijanski CH JANSKI KALLIOPE JONES (Re-imp) Strong fore and hindquarters, plenty of bone, deeper in brisket than 1, muscular upper thighs, high set strong hocks, good feet, excellent movement both ways just preferred the head of 1.

Veteran Dog 1,0 1 st Brock TALYOT HERMES In excellent condition for his age, correct ear set, compact, would like more rise over the loin but he moved well both ways RBV

Puppy Bitch 3,2abs 1 st Tobijanski O’GIRL du CHAMP d E’OLE AT JANSKI Very classy bitch, quality throughout, correct size and shape, I liked her well balanced feminine head, correct dentition and pigmentation, she moved correctly both ways, an excellent prospect for the future, RBCC & BPIS

Limit Bitch2,0 1 st Fewings KARENSBRAE WARM HUGS FOR KOMIDION Correct shap, topline and balance, good scissor bite, large nose, distinct stop, good expression, correct neck and rise, enough spring of rib, good rear angulation. 2 nd Verwaerde ALTRINGHAM PRIMA DONNA Very attractive bitch, dark eye, correct ear set, elegant neck into clan shoulders, good rise and tailset, moved and covered the ground with drive, I preferred the maturity of 1

Open Bitch 4,0 1 st Burrage KOMIDION NIGHT MUSIC AT SAMETOVA ShCM ShCEx. VW Won through from the strongest class, correct length of head, super ears, dark eye and nose, perfect scissor bite, straight forelegs, good overall muscle tone, correct topline, well sprung rib, correct movement both ways. BCC & BIS & BV. 2 nd Fewings KOMIDION PASSIONATO Pushed 1 hard, feminine throughout, slightly smaller, good neck into well laid back shoulders, good fore and rear hindquarters, just preferred the ears of 1. 3rd Verwaerde JANSKI SEREN NADOLIG

Veteran Bitch 3,0 1 st Burrage KOMIDION NIGHT MUSIC AT SAMETOVA ShCM ShCEx. VW Repeat. 2 nd Withers HELLO DOLLY du CHAMP d EOLE Correct balanced head, good dentition, enough spring of rib, correct topline, good front movement. 3 rd Tobijanski CH JANSKI ULTRAVIOLET Head of good proportions, elegant correct shape and outline, deeper in brisket, correct tailset, moved well both ways

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