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Championship Show 17/07/2022

Judge: Mr David Winsley

Best in Show: CH Janski Sodovuvitch
Reseve Best in Show: CH Ashleyheaths Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx
Best Puppy in Show: Komidion Schubert
Best Veteran in Show: CH Komidion Night Music at Sametova ShCM ShCEx VW


Reserve Best Puppy in Show: Komidion Sonata for Sametova
Reserve Best Veteran in Show: CH Janski Kalliope Jones (Re-Imp)
DCC: CH Ashleyheaths Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx
RDCC: CH Janski Bugurovski
BCC: CH Janski Sodovuvitch
RBCC: Proxima Centauri


Class 1 - Puppy Dog  Entries: 2 (Abs - 0)
1st Komidion Schubert
2nd Taylot Norman

Class 2 - Junior Dog Entries 1 (Abs - 1)


Class 3 - Novice Dog  Entries 2 (Abs -1)
1st Talyot Norman

Class 4 - Graduate Dog (No Entries)
Class 5 - Post Graduate Dog (No Entries)


Class 6 - Limit Dog Entries 3 (Abs - 1)
1st Sametova Bacary
2nd Ashleyheaths Koruna Kash


Class 7 - Open Dog Entries 5 (Abs -1)
1st CH Ashleyheaths Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx
2nd CH Janski Bugurovski
3rd Wherrypoint Daffyd Talyot
Res Janski Theodore by Runiks


Class 8 - Veteran Dog  Entries 2
1st CH Janski Kalliope Jones (Re-Imp)
2nd Janski Ossie Jones at Polede


Dog Challenge


Class 9 - Puppy Bitch Entries 2
1st Komidion Sonata for Sametova
2nd Komidion Symphoniques at Sarminija


Class 10 - Junior Bitch  Entries - 3
1st Placido Oriana
2nd Placido Octavia
3rd Runiks AKreepa of Dragons


Class 11 - Post Graduate Bitch  Entries - 2
1st Proxima Centauri
2nd Ashleytova Gone With the Wind


Class 12 - Limit Bitch  Entries - 5 (Abs - 1)
1st Komidion Rhapsody in Rhyme
2nd Placido Musical Miracle at Runiks
3rd Janski Little Witch
Res Komidion Queens Rhapsody


Class 13 - Open Bitch Entries - 5 (Abs - 1)
1st CH Janski Sodovuvitch
2nd Komidion Prima Donna of Sametova
3rd Komidion Passionato
Res Talyot Lucy


Class 14 - Veteran Bitch Entries 1
1st CH Komidion Night Music at Sametova ShCM ShCEx VW


Bitch Challenge

The Cesky Terrier Club Championship Show 17th July 2022

It was a pleasure to judge at this show, my thanks to the club for the invitation and to the exhibitors for bringing their dogs. I think the breed has made great progress since the breed arrived in this country. Heads were fairly uniform and mouths on the whole were good, good bites and bigger teeth. The outlines less exaggerated and presentation good. Front action is still a problem, but I thought hind action was very good. There were still a few with questionable temperaments, but on the whole the majority of dogs were happy to be handled.
PD. 2.
Fewings Komidion Schubert. Good overall outline, I liked his head which had good length & well placed ears. He has a good length of neck, good in forechest, front quite good for age. Nice body, pleasing topline without any exaggeration, nice tuck up & slope of croup. Stands well behind & moves with good width. In a pleasing coat. BP.
Richardson’s Talyot Norman. A little younger than 1 & less mature. Nice head, dark in eye & a good mouth. He has a good outline when stacked, good body with a good spring of rib & depth. He has a good turn of stifle, tailset correct. Movement needs to settle & needs more handling.
JD. 1 abs
ND. 2. (1)
Richardson’s Talyot Norman.
GD. No entries
PGD. No entries
LD. 3. (1)
Burrage’s Sametova Bacary. Lively young male with a good shape & outline. I liked his length of head & well filled foreface. Good in neck with clean shoulders, good depth of body & nice spring of ribs. Muscular hindquarters, correct tailset. In good coat, moves with plenty of fluent driving action. Considered him for the RCC, but felt he needed to mature a little more.
England’s Ashleyheath’s Koruna Kash. I liked this boy but unfortunately his ’skittish’ behaviour was his downfall. He is a nice size with a good balanced outline. Good head & expression, good length of neck, well covered body. Has well made hindquarters but difficult to assess his movement. In a nice coat & condition.
OD. 5. (1)
England & Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder. Nice head shape, good length with a wedge shape. Dark eye & well filled muzzle. Good neck, shoulders ok. Good length of body & correct spring of rib. Well made hindquarters, nicely muscled. Good width behind & moves out briskly. At times stacks himself short. In good coat & well prepared. CC & BOS
Tobijanski’s Ch Janski Bugurovski. Another nice mature male & close up to 1. Masculine head, good eye colour & pleasing expression. Good reach of neck, good in shoulder. Well made body, nice tuck up & correct tailset. In good coat, moving a little closer behind than 1. RCC
Richardson’s Wherrypoint Dafydd Talyot
 VD. 2.
Tobijansk’s Ch Janski Kalliope Jones. I liked this boy, nice head with cleaner cheeks than 2. Nicely shaped head. Well made body with a nice spring of rib. Good shape to his outline, no exaggeration seen. In a good coat. Moving well behind, active for his 10 years.
Taylor’s Janski Ossie Jones At Polede. A size bigger than 1. Head needs more refinement for me, but has a good length. Nice balanced outline, well covered body, correct tailset & carriage. Moved well behind & nicely prepared coat.
PB. 2.
Burrage’s Komidion Sonata for Sametova. Pleasing head for her age, lovely dark eye. Good in outline showing the correct shape. Nice length of back & spring of rib. Well made hindquarters. In a nice coat. Quite a handful for her handler, just enjoying her day. Sister to PD winner.
Goundry’s Komidion Symphoniques at Sarminija. Litter sister to 1. Nice size, outline a little exaggerated for me. Similar in head type, both need time. Good reach of neck, well covered body with a nice spring of rib. Nice sloping croup & tailset. Rather sluggish on the move today.
JB. 3. Ellison’s Placido Oriana. Nice youngster, good outline. Well made throughout & in nice condition. Nice in head, good ear placement, has a keen expression. Good neck & shoulders, correct shaped topline & correct tailset. Nicely covered body & an easy mover.
Hacheme’s Placido Octavia. She too has a nice balanced outline, pleasing head, well placed ears which she uses well. Good neck, clean shoulders, well shaped body. Nice turn of stifle, moving nicely & a happy showgirl.
Dukes’s Runiks Akreepa of Dragons
NB. No entries
GB. No entries
PGB. 2.
Pratt’s Proxima Centauri. Nicely balanced outline, pleasing arch over the loin & slope of croup. Nicely balanced head, has length & strength but remains feminine. Well made body, good turn of stifle, correct tailset. A good mover both ways, alert attitude & in good coat. RCC
England & Burrage’s Ashletova Gone With The Wind. Nicely made girl with a good shape. Good length of head but would like a little more refinement in skull. Good neck, front could be straighter. Carrying plenty of body. A good mover behind. Showed well.
LB. 5. (1)
Fewings Komidion Rhapsody in Ryme. Good for size & balanced shape. Good length of head, nice strength in her foreface. Good in neck & shoulders, nice spring of ribs. Well made hindquarters with strength that showed when she moved out, correct tailset & carriage. In good coat. Better in front action than 2.
Dukes’s Placido Musical Miracle at Runiks. Just a shade longer cast than 1. She has a nice head, good in length & width. Good length of neck, nice depth of body with a correct spring of rib. Good turn of stifle, has strength behind that showed in her driving movement.
Tobijanski’s Janski Little Witch
OB. 5. (1)
Tobijanski’s Ch Janski Sodovuvitch. I liked the shape of her head, clean cheeks & good length. Well placed ears, good in neck & correct topline with a nicely sloping croup. Correct body shape, nice tuck up. She has well made hindquarters which she can use to drive off, correct tailset. Very feminine, in a good coat, presented nicely. Showed steadily during this class, then pulled out the stops to win the CC & BIS.
Burrage’s Komidion Prima Donna at Sametova. Another one with a pleasing head, alert expression & well placed ears. Good reach of neck, correct topline & good tailset. Moved quite quickly but able to see she is sound behind. In good coat & condition.
Fewings Komidion Passionato
VB. 1.
Burrage’s Ch Komidion Night Music At Sametova. In excellent condition for her age, can remember judging her many years ago. Nice length of head, well placed ears & good expression. Good neck, enough forechest, well made body with a correct tail set. Typical topline for the breed, nicely made behind & moves out well. In good coat & nice presentation. BV
Judge - David Winsley

I would like to thank the Committee for putting on these Special Award Classes and inviting me to judge them. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for staying on to participate in them on such a hot day and, also my Steward, who kept things moving.
Special Junior, (6, 1a)
1, Ellison’s Placido Oriana, 12 month Bitch, lovely head with good bite, dark eye, well placed ears, good front, good reach of neck, well ribbed, good topline which she held on the move, moved well out and back, good tail carriage.
2, Goundry’s Komidion Symphoniques at Sarminija, 7 month Bitch, another pleasing youngster, good head and bite, neat ears, enough neck, well ribbed, good topline, moved well.
3, Richardson’s Talyot Norman, 6 month Dog, acquitted himself well for what I believe was his first show. Good head and bite, dark eye, good neck and shoulders, good spring of rib, moved well once settled.
Special Post Graduate, (3, 1a)
1, Pratt’s Proxima Centauri, 2 year old Bitch, well balanced outline, lovely head with good bite, correct ears, dark eye, good reach of neck, good front, well ribbed with good loin, moved well holding topline, good tail carriage.
2, Burrage’s Komidion Sonata for Sametova, 7 month Bitch, unlucky to meet 1 but her time will come, good head and ears, enough neck, good spring of rib, good topline, moved well. I see she went ResBPiS.
Special Open, (4, 1a)
1, England & Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx, 9 year old Dog. I judged this dog 3 years ago when he went TG1. He shows no sign of slowing down, excellent head with good bite, dark eye and correct ears, good reach of neck, good front and shoulders, well ribbed with well muscled loin, good hindquarters, moved with drive both going and in profile holding topline well, good tail carriage. Looked as though he owned the ring. I see he went a well deserved RBiS.
2, Burrage’s Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova ShCM ShCEx VW, 12 year old Bitch, another that I have judged before and a testament to the longevity of Ceskys. Pleasing head and ears, good neck and shoulders, well ribbed with good loin, well carried tail, moved well but not quite the movement of 1. I see she went BViS.
3, Dukes & Rogers’ Placido Musical Miracle at Runiks, 3 year old Bitch, pleasing head, good bite, enough neck, good shoulders, moved well, good tail carriage.
Norman Bristow (Avard)


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