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Sunday 10th April 2022

Stakes & Varieties

Judge: Miss Nicola Foster (Thozow)

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at your show,
it was valuable hands on experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed my day.
The sun had come out, so it was decided to judge outside where there was plenty of room.
I would also like to thank the exhibitors for making the event a bit if fun for everyone to enjoy. Junior Handling was most enjoyable, with some new faces, hope to see them progress at more of these events.

 Horak Memorial Special Open Stakes (8,2a)
1st Burrage’s Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova ShCM ShCEx VW
At 12 years, she is an outstanding quality bitch, and out moved the best to win this class. She has a balanced head with a kind eye and medium ears high set, front is straight, with good bone and tight feet. She has an elegant neck, good lay of shoulder, ribs well sprung with correct depth, correct rise of loin, with strong muscular hindquarters. Moved with propulsion.
2nd England’s & Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx
Another outstanding dog from this kennel, this dog is in excellent muscular condition. Balanced head with slight stop, strong muzzle well filled, ears pendulous of correct size. Medium length neck, ribs well sprung, elbows free, muscular loin. Moved with purpose. Silky coat in excellent condition.
3rd Marett’s Idefix Daybreak at Gayteckels Pd’H

Progeny (3 groups )
These 2 classes show for me this breed has a good future, with the breeding seen here today it is clear, breed type and temperament is important. All groups show consistency in type and put on a polished performance, working together.
1st Dukes’s & Rodgers’s Placido Musical Miracle at Runkis - 3
2nd Fewing’s Komidion Passionato - 5
3rd England’s & Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx - 4

Brace (4, 1a)
1st England & Burrage’s
2nd Marett’s
3rd England’s

Bred by Exhibitor (8,1a)
1st Burrage’s Sametova Bacary
Head proportioned, with dark eye, medium sized ears, elegant neck, sloping shoulders, medium length of back with slight arch above loin. He has muscular hindquarters with enough width to allow him to move with drive. Pale grey coat in excellent condition. He put on a good performance today, allowing him to win this class.
2nd Marett’s Gayteckels Bottoms Up Pd’H
Masculine head, with high set pendulous ears. Strong neck with good length, into well laid shoulders, Deep cylindrical rib , medium body length, slight tuck up, with everything in proportion giving overall balance to dog. Muscular hindquarters. Brisk parallel movement, presented in good condition.
3rd Dukes’s & Rodgers’s Runkis Akreepa of Dragons

 Not Bred by Exhibitor (11, 2a)
1st Burrage’s Komidion Prima Donna of Sametova
Straight front with muscular well laid shoulders. Elegant neck of good length, good depth of rib leading to well arched muscular loin, Powerful hindquarters set high, with well-developed hocks. Propulsive movement, handled to perfection.
2nd Dukes’s & Rodgers’s Placido Musical Miracle at Runkis
Head of good length with ear set high of medium size. Long elegant neck, leading into muscular shoulders, good body length, with slight luck up and rise over loin. Strong well developed hindquarters. Moved with purpose. 
3rd Marett’s Idefix Daybreak at Gayteckels Pd’H

Junior Handling up to 16 years (4,1a)
3 new Junior Handlers who all did a really good job. It was a close decision between them. It was lovely to see there was so much support from the club, and I hope they continue to compete in this hobby, as they all have the potential to go further.
My advice to these handlers is, when standing and moving your dogs, talk with them encouraging them to be with you. Also when showing the dogs bite, practice so you show the dogs bite to the judge, keeping your head out of the way. Not forgetting, remember to smile, you are supposed to be having fun.
1st Violet Roche
2nd Mariella Roche
3rd Amelia Kirk

Adult Handling
1st Christine Marett
A gentle handler, who has a good rapport with her dog. Her pattern work consisted of clean lines and sharp corners, presenting her dog to a neat finish. Pair work was very well executed and won her this class.
2nd Meg Rodgers
Worked well with her dog, moved at the correct pace, presenting her dog to the judge. Showed the dogs bite cleanly. My advice is to watch for miss placed feet, and remember always have the dog between you and the judge.

Cesky Terrier Club Open Show 10/04/2022    Judge: Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)
Best in Show: Komidion Passionato
Reserve Best in Show: CH Janski Sodovuvitch
Best Puppy in Show: Runiks AKreepa of Dragons
Reserve Best Puppy in Show: Pajantick Bertie Wooster
Best Veteran in Show: CH Komidion Night Music at Sametova ShCM ShCEx VW
Reserve Best Veteran in Show: CH Janski Kalliope Jones (Re-imp)

Class 1 - Puppy Dog (3/0)
1st Pajantick Bertie Wooster
2nd Runiks AKreepa of Aisling
3rd Moraira Ace

Class 2 - Junior Dog (No entries)

Class 3 - Novice Dog (1/0)
1st Runiks AKreepa of Aisling

Class 4 - Post Graduate Dog (4/2)
1st Ashleyheaths Koruna Kash
2nd Komidion Rimsky Korsakov at Sarminja

Class 5 - Limit Dog (3/0)
1st Sametova Bacary
2nd Placido Musical Mission at Winoski
3rd Grancek Slavny Sandor

Class 6 - Open Dog (5/1)
1st CH Janski Bugurovski
2nd CH Ashleyheaths Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx
3rd Oural du Champ d'Eole (Imp. Fr)
Res Janski Theodore by Runiks

Class 7 - Veteran Dog (2/0)
1st CH Janski Kalliope Jones (Re-imp)
2nd Idefix Daybreak at Gayteckels Pd'H

Class 8 - Good Citizen Dog (1/0)
1st Sametova Bacary Class 9 -

Class 9 - Puppy Bitch (5/1)
1st Runiks AKreepa of Dragons
2nd Wherrypoint Gloria
3rd Moraira Alena Res Placido Oriana

 Class 10 - Junior Bitch (No Entries)

Class 11 - Novice Bitch (2/0)
1st Komidion Queens Rhapsody
2nd Placido Oriana

Class 12 - Post Graduate Bitch (4/1)
1st Proxima Centauri
2nd Gayteckels Musical Melody
3rd Ashleytova Gone With The Wind

Class 13 - Limit Bitch (4/0)
1st Janski Little Witch
2nd Komidion Rhythm at Moraira
3rd Placido Musical Miracle at Runiks
Res Komidion Rhapsody in Ryme

Class 14 - Open Bitch (5/0)
1st Komidion Passionato
2nd CH Janski Sodovuvitch
3rd Komidion Prima Donna of Sametova
Res Shasgav Nothing Else Matters by Ashleyheath
VHC Gayteckels Bottoms Up Pd'H

Class 15 - Veteran Bitch (2/1)
1st CH Komidion Night Music at Sametova ShCM ShCEx VW

Class 16 - Good Citizen Bitch (1/0)
1st Gayteckels Sister Act

Stakes Classes Judge: Miss Nicola Foster (Thozow)

Class 17 - Horak Memorial Special Open Stakes (8/8)
1st CH Komidion Night Music at Sametova ShCM ShCEx VW
2nd CH Ashleyheaths Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx
3rd Idefix Daybreak at Gayteckels Pd'H
Res Grancek Slavny Sandor
VHC Gayteckels Bottoms Up Pd'H

Class 18 - Progeny (3/0)
1st Placido Musical Miracle at Runiks
2nd Komidion Passionato
3rd CH Ashleyheaths Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx

Class 19 - Brace (3/0)
1st England Mrs L & Burrage Mrs L
 2nd Marrett Mrs C. V
3rd England Mrs L

Class 20 - Bred By Exhibitor (8/0)
1st Sametova Bacary
2nd Gayteckels Bottoms Up Pd'H
3rd Runiks AKreepa of Dragons
Res Moraira Alena VHC Gayteckels Musical Melody

Class 21 - Not Bred By Exhibitor (11/0)
1st Komidion Prima Donna of Sametova
2nd Placido Musical Miracle at Runiks
3rd Idefix Daybreak at Gayteckels Pd'H
Res Komidion Queens Rhapsody
VHC Runiks AKreepa of Aisling

Class 22 - Dogs in Pet Trim (No Entries)

Class 23 - Junior Handling (Up to 16years)
1st Violet Roche
2nd Mariella Roche
3rd Amelia Kirk

Class 24 - Adult Handling
1st Christine Marett
2nd Meg Rodgers









































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