What is Cesky Welfare?

Cesky Welfare is a rescue service provided by the Club to assist Cesky Terriers that need rehoming for various reasons. Dogs usually need to be placed in different homes through “people” reasons. A new job requires more time away from home. Changes in the circumstances of family life which make it impossible to devote the proper time to the dog. These can be caused by illness, divorce, or death; an owner must move to housing unsuitable for dogs or not permitting dogs, such as a nursing home. The dog may have been bought on impulse and is not suited for the owner’s personality or lifestyle.

What does the Cesky Welfare do?

Cesky Welfare will re-home Ceskys to those people interested in adopting a rescued Cesky Terrier and try to match each dog’s need and experience with the interest and conditions of the adoptive home.

Our placements are not made on a first come, first served basis. We endeavor to find the right home for a particular dog. All adoptions are considered to be on a trial basis until it is clear to all parties concerned that the dog is a satisfactory addition to the family and that the home is the right place for the dog.

Fortunately we have very few Cesky Terriers in need of Welfare but if you would like to be considered for adoption of a Cesky Terrier, please contact  Jane Withers email: janewithers2@hotmail.com  telephone: 07888777229.
Our special dogs are truly adaptable and, if the rescue dog already has lived somewhere else (i.e., it is being re-homed), the dog will need to be taught the rules of its new home. Sometimes bad habits that were permitted in the previous home must be gently but firmly unlearned. An adult dog has the physical capacity to accept housebreaking as well as the attention span to learn different behaviour patterns. Don’t be put off by the idea of adopting an older dog. Since Cesky Terriers can live into their teens, they are amazingly active at what some would consider an advanced age. There is no reason to fear that an older dog will not adapt to your household or bond to new people.

If you wish to be considered for an adoption, please contact the Secretary. You will be asked to complete an application which will tell us more about yourself, your lifestyle, and your needs in a dog.

Alternatively, older dogs are sometimes advertised in the relevant section of this website.


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