How will they react with children?

Ceskys love to be round humans and will thoroughly love to be with children to play with them. They are generally not aggressive and will put up with some tail pulling from the child, however, they will eventually get fed up as with most dogs.

Are they good with dogs?

When introduced at a young age, the Cesky will behave with other dogs and will learn his place in the food chain. With older dogs, Ceskys can be harder to settle in the home due to being at the bottom of the chain where previously they may have been higher up. Therefore the dogs must be introduced slowly and never left alone.


Can they be trusted with other animals?

With small animals such as hamsters, gerbils, mice and rabbits, the Cesky cannot be trusted to be left alone or near the animals due to the natural instinct to hunt and kill. When with larger animals, the Cesky can be taught to behave and to get along with them, such as cats.

Do they need much exercise?

Ceskys are an active breed due to their instinct to hunt and should be given regular exercise to keep him in good shape. However, this is not entirely compulsory as the breed can be self exercising if living with another dog. The breed is also very obedient and loyal and to keep them mentally stimulated, obedience classes can be taken up.

Do they need much grooming?

When they are young, the Cesky should be groomed regularly to teach the breed to behave during this process and to help the coat to stay untangled. Once older, Ceskys should be groomed at least once a week to keep the coat in good condition.

How long do they live?

Although Ceskys have not been in Britain too long to give an accurate life expectancy, it is estimated that the breed will live for between 12 and 15 years.


What colour will they turn out as?

You can never be certain what colour your Cesky will turn out as. The breed is born black with any white areas on the body and can take as long as two years to lighten up to their final shade. Ceskys can be any shade of grey from the very dark charcoal colour to an almost white platinum colour and to have a rough estimate, the colour of the parents should give an insight. The breed can also be born with a brown coat, however, this is rare in the breed.



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